PRC Nursing Board Examination
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PRC Nursing Board Exam Results June 2008

In the PRC Official site, there are 65,000 nursing graduates and took for the June 2008 nursing board examination. And we are expected for the release date would be 2 - 3 months after the nursing board examination. Many nursing are very worried on this nursing examination. Keep on praying guys, this would help to make you passed. Always think a positive that you would passed on this examination. This examination is very important for you, this would be your life on your waiting future, it certifies that you are a registered nurse (RN).

For the PRC Nursing Board Examination Results of June 2008 will be posted here. We are waiting for the exact list of nursing who have pass on this examination. Just leave a comment and attached your email to be able to send you an update regarding this nursing examination.

Here's now the PRC Nursing Board Examination Results for the June 2008. Please download to view the PDF files.



Thank you for waiting!

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